Dealing with a case of suspected drug abuse in the practice

01 Mar 2020

Svensson, S. H.

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The dilemma

You work in a small animal practice with two other vets, two veterinary nurses and the practice manager. This is your second job after graduation and you have formed a good working relationship with all your colleagues at the practice. One day, the nurse responsible for drug inventory comes up to you and mentions that there are drug discrepancies in the clinic’s logbook. She suspects it might be one of the other vets who she has seen, on several occasions, forget to log controlled substances. Now that you are aware of this, you begin to notice that this vet doesn’t always log the premedication drugs he is administering. This morning, you see him secretly slip some syringes into his pocket and go into the bathroom. When he returns, his hands are shaking. What do you do?

Issues to consider

The key stakeholders in this scenario...