What would your alternative career be?

01 Mar 2020

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It was one of those days. In fact, it had been one of those weeks. I had a pounding headache and I was running late. My last appointment, a grumpy old basset hound, promptly emptied his bowels on arrival. He then got stuck under the consulting room table, where he emptied his bladder, and proceeded to spend the entire consult trying to bite me.

I finished the evening running 30 minutes late, feeling like somebody had shot me through the head. The only thing I wanted to do was head home and have a beer. Sadly, I was on call. ‘Are you OK?’ one of the nurses asked nervously as I optimistically sprayed air freshener on my urine-stained trousers. I nodded, because by then I’d lost the ability to form coherent sentences.

On days like this, I think of Odysseus. Odysseus is a sailor, hero of the Odyssey. Stranded...