Introducing the 'doggy deposit

01 Apr 2020

In Practice Image

Last year, I spent a couple of days exploring

some of London’s less obvious and more obscure museums. At the end of a long day, we ended up at the Foundling Museum.

What really got my attention was a mechanism called the ‘Foundling Wheel’. Where orphanages were obligated to admit every child left at their gates, a small hatch was installed at the front door for mothers to discreetly leave newborn babies. Once a baby was placed in the hatch, a wheel was turned and the child was deposited safely on the other side of the door, to the care of the charity.

This got me thinking, wouldn’t this be a great idea for a veterinary practice? In our modern age, with online shopping, self-checkouts and vending machines selling everything from hamburgers to Buddha statues, an automated dog delivery system seems like the next evolutionary step in small animal...