Performing dentistry in cats

01 Apr 2020

Honey, L.

In Practice Image

In this month’s issue of In Practice, Matthew Oxford explains that cats can frequently suffer trauma to their canine teeth. He outlines how to treat such injuries by using either endodontic or extraction techniques (p 140). The article has been selected as the editor’s choice by our senior clinical editor, Stephen Baines: ‘It is well presented and well illustrated. Dentistry is something that is commonly performed in practice, but this takes a more advanced dentistry topic and presents it in a simple way.’

In our exotics section, Nathalie Wissink-Argilaga describes the veterinary care of African pygmy hedgehogs, which are becoming more popular to keep as pets. Due to this rise in popularity, clinicians need to be familiar with these animals. She discusses their general husbandry and care requirements, as well as how to deal with sick hedgehogs (p 151).

Also in the issue, Pete Orpin, Dick Sibley and Karen...