Screening dogs and cats before performing general anaesthesia

01 May 2020

Honey, L.

In Practice Image

Quantifying anaesthetic risk is vital before general anaesthesia is performed, explains Jacques Ferreira in an article in this month’s issue of In Practice. He discusses previously reported perioperative factors that contribute to morbidity and mortality in dogs and cats, and highlights important considerations to factor in, based on the patient history and findings on clinical examination (p 197).

The article has been selected as the editor’s choice by our senior clinical editor, Stephen Baines, who said: ‘Assessment of the patient before the induction of anaesthesia is an important part of the practice of anaesthesia, and is something that is considered by vets in practice on a daily basis. The author considers those factors that may contribute to morbidity and mortality under anaesthesia and how these effects may be managed. It is difficult to make standard recommendations and each assessment should be appropriate for the individual patient and the proposed...