What strange days we live in

01 May 2020

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What strange days we live in. There’s little of our daily routine that remains untouched by coronavirus, and as a result there is no doubt that the world will change. While we shouldn’t play down the seriousness of the problem, to get through it we need to take a different view now and again. As vets, we’re usually pretty good at seeing the lighter side of things, and in our house at least, Covid-19 is no exception.

In a similar fashion to the infamous 1950s Kodak advertisement campaign, each evening at dinner we share our Covid moment of the day. There are a wide range of moments and sentiments: me coming down the stairs to see my wife deliberating how to decontaminate the strawberries that had no outer packaging from the Waitrose delivery man; a video of our friend talking us through her scissor disinfecting regime after opening the...