Should vets join the Covid frontline response?

01 Jun 2020

In Practice Image

There is a popular list on the internet as to why you would want a vet on your team in the event of a zombie apocalypse. We’re really good at avoiding bites, we can treat wounds and illnesses, our primary focus is to take care of animals (they could potentially offer good protection, transport and food), we have experience in food safety – anyone who’s seen the inside of the staff fridge can attest to this – and we are trained to study epidemiology, therefore ensuring that we can help find a cure.

Subsequently, when the coronavirus pandemic began, so too did the rumours about how vets would be called to work in the NHS, particularly anaesthesia and respiratory specialists.

Like many other vets who found themselves with some spare time on their hands, I toyed with the idea of wearing some smart blue scrubs, removing the paw print...