Checklists for veterinary anaesthesia

01 Jul 2020

Honey, L.

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Everyone should have a look at this article and make sure that their practice is doing as well as it can

Errors in anaesthesia are inevitable in veterinary practice, but they can be reduced by following some strict, straightforward checklists, explains Alastair Mair in an article in this month’s issue of In Practice. He highlights the importance of checklists and explores the comparison between human healthcare checklists and those used in veterinary medicine (p 316). The article has been selected as the editor’s choice by our senior clinical editor, Stephen Baines, who said: ‘This is an excellent and very practical article on a topic that is becoming increasingly important in veterinary medicine. For those practices already using checklists, this is a great way to check in and see if any improvements can be made. For those practices that are not using checklists, this is a great help in...