Trials and tribulations of phone consults

01 Jul 2020

In Practice Image

The current coronavirus outbreak has completely transformed the way the world operates, and very few people and businesses find themselves unaffected. It’s therefore no surprise that the veterinary profession has had to adjust the way it operates – just I wasn’t expecting to find a whole new side to my job.

It’s probably every vet’s dream to be able to consult without having to see, smell, or touch another human being. Few of us entered this profession for our love of people, yet we all have to deal with owners every day. The virus has offered an interesting loophole for my lifelong misanthropy.

One aspect that I’ve slightly struggled to adjust to is the telephone consults. Trying to discover the cause of an animal’s ailment through owner description alone has presented some unique difficulties.

For instance, there was the time I asked a worried owner to email over some...