Administering an analgesic during electroejaculation procedures in rams

01 Sep 2020

McMurran, S.

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The dilemma

As a vet student helping with a reproductive sheep study, you need to assist in collecting semen from two rams for artificial insemination. The rams are allowed to try and mount a ewe, but they are not interested in doing so. The vet then uses an electroejaculation probe to collect the semen. During the procedure, the ram makes loud vocalisations and the probe looks bloody when it is removed from the rectum. You know that electroejaculation is a common procedure in large animals, but upon seeing the procedure and how painful it looked, you think possibly an analgesic should have been administered. What would you do as a future vet?

Issues to consider

An electroejaculation procedure (EEP) is the use of an electrically charged probe that is inserted into the rectum of mature male animals. The probe comes into contact with the prostate, sending an...