Comments on: Reporting a case of suspected dog fighting

01 Sep 2020

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The dilemma

A four-year-old intact male Staffordshire bull terrier cross is presented to you with multiple severe bite wounds around his neck and chest which appear to be a different stages of healing. The dog was very aggressive in the reception area and the client seems nervous when you ask them about the cause of the wounds. The dog has been seen previously at the clinic for similar injuries and suspicions have been raised by a colleague in the clinical notes. You suspect that the dog might be involved in a dog-fighting ring. What do you do?

(IP, July/August 2020, vol 42, pp 365-366)

IT is important in cases like this one to assess the nuances of the situation, to closely observe all of the aspects involved and to consider the legal implications of your decision making. The location of the wounds, the aggression that the dog...