Comments on: Administering an analgesic during electroejaculation procedures in rams

01 Oct 2020

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The dilemma

During semen collection for artificial insemination, the rams are allowed to try and mount a ewe, but they are not interested in doing so. The vet uses an electroejaculation probe instead. During this procedure, the rams make loud vocalisations and the probe looks bloody when it is removed from the rectum. You wonder if an analgesic should have been administered as the procedure looked painful for the animal. (IP, vol 187, pp 421–423)

The use of an artificial vagina and a teaser ewe is the optimal way to collect semen from rams for fertility assessments/artificial insemination. This technique is used by the sheep reproduction industry to collect semen from approximately 95 per cent of donor rams. An electroejaculation probe is an alternative candidate collection method and in most cases of on-farm semen collection, the probe method would be used. In the UK, it is a...