Has the pager stood the test of time?

01 Oct 2020

In Practice Image

You’d think that in this modern age of robot hoovers and smart fridges we’d have no need for obsolete technology, especially in a fast-paced medical industry like veterinary science.

Well, you’re wrong. Let me introduce the dinosaur of the practice kit – the emergency pager. Just as crocodiles have survived from the Cretaceous period into modern times, the pager lives on into the present day in hundreds of veterinary practices around the world. For you new graduates and urbanites who are unfamiliar with this device, a pager is a retro plastic oblong with a clip and a screen that sends you a short message telling you to ‘CALL MRS SMITH, DOG VOMITING’, or something along those lines.

Practice managers are fond of pagers because they’re low maintenance and cheap. They happen to work on a data-free network, meaning you can’t use them to play games in your spare time,...