Juggling the animals and kids 'under my care

01 Nov 2020

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It struck me the other day as I returned home from an emergency call-out to a house in uproar, that perhaps the real ‘under my care’ debate needs to focus on the children of vets, more than on the animals that those vets tend to.

In these peculiar times of local lockdowns, self-isolation and restaurant curfews, many of us are attempting to be vets, parents, child-minders and occasionally teachers – I’ve never spent so much time with my kids and it is both liberatingly wonderful and utterly excruciating at the same time.

Before lockdown, I remember those evenings on call when child care went amiss, and instead of only being responsible for my vet duties, I also had my kids in the car as well – I always struggled trying to keep them quiet while sounding utterly focused and professional on the phone to a client. However, now that...