Legislation to protect animals in research

01 Nov 2020

Honey, L.

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While most veterinary surgeons working in clinical situations do not set out to perform Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act (ASPA)-regulated research, a desire to improve clinical outcomes for their patients or for the wider population means that, at times, they may approach or even cross the line from recognised veterinary practice into procedures or activities that require regulation under ASPA, the Veterinary Medicines Regulations (VMR) or other legislation, explain Ngaire Dennison and Anja Petrie in an article in this month’s issue of In Practice. They provide information on the legislation that exists to protect animals in research and explain how ASPA can affect all veterinary surgeons, not just those working in research, due to its intersection with the Veterinary Surgeons Act and VMR (p 488). The article has been selected as the editor’s choice by our senior clinical editor, Stephen Baines, who said: ‘This deals with an important issue that...