Chronic lung lobe torsion in a pug

26 Sep 2018

Elliott, R. C., Cassel, N.

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This case report documents a chronic presentation of a lung lobe torsion involving the right cranial and right middle lung lobe in a dog and the benefit of CT in aiding in the diagnosis. The patient presented to the referral practice two weeks after clinical signs developed with minimal resting dyspnoea. The referring veterinarian suspected a diaphragmatic hernia and had been medically managing the patient prior to referral. The radiographic findings showed features more consistent with a lobar mass and no pleural effusion was noted. Signs suggestive of lung lobe torsion were seen on the CT scan, except for the absence of pleural effusion. The patient was a pug, a predisposed breed, which further supported the diagnosis. On lateral thoracotomy a lung lobe torsion of the right cranial and right middle lung lobe was found. Unfortunately the patient did not survive the surgery.