Acute abdomen secondary to nodular fat necrosis in a cat

24 Oct 2018

Ortiz, V., Cloup, E., Ortiz, A.

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Nodular fat necrosis is a rare condition in the cat, and no cases of free-floating abdominal masses in cats have been previously reported in the literature. Furthermore, nodular fat necrosis when present has not been associated with an acute abdomen presentation. An adult neutered female cat presented with acute abdomen. An exploratory laparotomy was performed identifying two free-floating masses within the abdominal cavity of the patient. These masses were removed and the patient made an uneventful recovery. The histopathological analysis of the two free-floating abdominal masses was consistent with a diagnosis of nodular fat necrosis. Acute abdomen is a rare presentation in the cat. When investigation highlights multiple abdominal masses without obvious communication with organs, nodular fat necrosis should be considered as a differential diagnosis. Surgical resection of these lesions was associated with a good outcome in this cat, with no signs of pain being present following surgical resection of the masses.