Detection of Treponemapedis associated with digital dermatitis in Mediterranean buffalo (Bubalus bubalis)

30 Dec 2018

Guccione, J., Della Valle, G., Carcasole, C., Kuhnert, P., Alsaaod, M.

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Clinical outcomes compatible with digital dermatitis (DD) were observed in a second lactation, milking Mediterranean buffalo (MB). The animal was sharing the free stall with other 99 milking MBs separated by a fence from a pen harbouring 40 milking crossbreed dairy cows. The macroscopic lesion observed on the right rear limb was categorised as M4.1 stage and associated with a severe lameness (locomotion score 5). In the same farm, DD was also observed in 14/40 cows. Nested PCR analysis of genomic DNA isolated from the centre lesion’s biopsy showed the presence of Treponema pedis. Sequence analysis of 494 bp of the PCR fragment revealed 100 per cent sequence identity to the T pedis-type strain, confirming the PCR result’s specificity and for the first time the presence of the bacterium in MB. In order to establish the spread of the DD, a farm inspection was performed to identify risk factors and preventive strategies.