Palliative limb-sparing photodynamic therapy with chemotherapy in a dog with osteosarcoma of the proximal tibia

14 Oct 2018

Osaki, T., Murahata, Y., Yamashita, M., Isao, S., Okamoto, Y.

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Canine osteosarcoma conveys a poor prognosis. This long-term follow-up report describes using photodynamic therapy with intra-arterial chemotherapy as palliation in canine osteosarcoma of the proximal tibia. A 10-year-old male Boston terrier dog presented with right hindlimb lameness; osteosarcoma of the right tibia was diagnosed. The owner chose palliative limb-sparing photodynamic therapy with intra-arterial chemotherapy. Right hindlimb lameness disappeared 24 days after the first treatment. In total, 210 days after the first treatment, post-contrast T1-weighted MRI showed a decreased gadolinium-enhancing area within the tumour. And 254 days after the first treatment, the dog underwent the tenth treatment. Then 287 days after the first treatment, abdominal radiography showed an approximately 6- cm iliac lymph node. The dog died 321 days after the first treatment; lameness did not recur. Palliative photodynamic therapy with chemotherapy can be viable and feasible in osteosarcoma of the proximal tibia; more research is needed.