Neurological signs following suspected exposure to stinging nettles in two dogs

23 Jan 2019

Puig, J., Griffin, A. S., Montoliu, P.

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Two gun dogs presented with a combination of neuromuscular and autonomic signs following suspected exposure to stinging nettles (Urtica dioica) in the UK. Both dogs developed first clinical signs on the same day and had been working in the same area where the presence of stinging nettles had been reported. Clinical signs included urticaria, tachypnoea, hypersalivation, bilateral miosis, ambulatory tetraparesis, muscle fasciculations and myokymia and generalised decreased hyporeflexia. Complete blood count and acetylcholinesterase activity were within normal limits apart from the elevated creatine kinase levels. One dog had three toxic episodes over a period of three weeks and the second case had a single toxic insult. Both dogs made a complete recovery after supportive care including intravenous fluid therapy, antihistamines, proton pump inhibitors, analgesics, antibiotics and steroidal eye-drops. There was no report of any permanent clinical signs as a result of the exposure.