Prosthodontics: preparation and cementation of a full-coverage metal crown on a fractured maxillary canine tooth

30 Mar 2019

Thatcher, G.

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Prosthodontics in veterinary medicine is a discipline in veterinary dentistry in which prosthetic dental appliances are applied in order to maintain and/or restore the function and integrity of the teeth. As it applies to prosthodontics, a crown is a cemented extracoronal restorative that covers part or all of the outer surface of the clinical crown. Full crowns may be recommended by veterinary dentists in order to return a tooth to its normal function, protect it from further damage, or help maintain proper appearance of teeth with significant wear, previous fracture or endodontic treatment. This case report describes the preparation and cementation of a full metal crown for treatment of a compromised maxillary canine tooth in a dog.