Lag screw fixation of an ulnar carpal bone fracture in a dog

05 Apr 2019

Witte, P. G.

Vet Record Case Reports Image

A two-year-old, entire male saluki presented with right forelimb lameness of acute onset six weeks previously, associated with a transverse minimally displaced ulnar carpal bone fracture. A palmarolateral approach was made to access the ulnar carpal bone. A 2.0-mm cortical bone screw was placed in lag fashion from the palmar process into the ulnar carpal bone, reducing and compressing the fracture. Re-examinations at seven and 12 weeks following surgery revealed incomplete resolution of right forelimb lameness, a mildly reduced carpal joint range of motion and radiographic maintenance of reduction. Client follow-up by telephone after 18 months revealed the dog to be exercising as normal, including performing agility exercises. The owners were aware of no stiffness following rest or following exercise.