Laryngeal infiltrative lipoma in a nine-year-old Rottweiler

27 May 2019

Caraty, J., Belluzzi, E., Hassoun, R., Esmans, M., Bongartz, A.

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This report describes an infiltrative laryngeal lipoma in a nine-year-old female neutered Rottweiler, that was diagnosed with CT and surgically removed. The dog presented with a 3-month progressive history of severe stridor, exercise intolerance and dysphagia. CT cranial to the thoracic vertebrae showed a 33 cm3 hypoattenuating mass between the thyroid and cricoid cartilages. Surgical resection was performed and the dog recovered uneventfully postoperatively and did not show any signs of recurrence over a 2-year period. Histopathological findings revealed an infiltrative lipoma. This clinical case demonstrated a good outcome after resection of a laryngeal infiltrative lipoma and the benefits of performing advanced imaging.