Chromoblastomycosis in two giant ditch frogs also known as mountain chicken frogs (Leptodactylus fallax)

05 Jul 2019

Croci, M., Klausmann, S., Hatt, J.-M., Schmitt, S., Hilbe, M.

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Because of sudden death of several frogs following the renewal of a terrarium, two giant ditch frogs (Leptodactylus fallax) were submitted for post-mortem examination. The animals displayed extensive erythematous to ulcerative skin lesions as well as multiple granulomas in the liver, kidney and skeletal musculature. In skin lesions as well as in the brownish granulomas, pigmented fungal sclerotic bodies were found in addition to pigmented hyphal structures, though less common. The fungal pathogen, although not further classified in this study was identified as the etiological agent for chromoblastomycosis (synonym: chromomycosis), a leading cause of fatal systemic disease in poikilothermic animals. It is also a cause of chronic skin disease in human beings and therefore a potential zoonotic agent.