Generalised tetanus in a cat

12 Aug 2019

Farrar, B., Liebel, F.-X.

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This case report describes the presentation of a cat with generalised tetanus, which is uncommon in this species. The onset of clinical signs with focal limb rigidity occurred one week following a wound on the distal limb. The cat progressed to permanent recumbency with generalised signs of extensor rigidity and the classical facial expression as typically seen in generalised tetanus in dogs. After five days of hospitalisation and treatment with metronidazole, tetanus antitoxin and analgesia, mild improvement in the ability to ambulate was seen. Reassessment four weeks later after continued nursing management at home showed near-complete resolution of the clinical signs. This case report highlights the neurological and clinical signs of generalised tetanus, which is an uncommon condition in cats, and the success of medical management, which can be achieved in a first-opinion setting.