Presumptive pituitary macroadenoma in an English Setter resembling human bobble-head doll syndrome

22 Aug 2019

Fiorentino, E., Falzone, C.

Vet Record Case Reports Image

Head bobbing (HB) or idiopathic head tremor is a benign condition characterised by episodic uncontrolled head tremors that start and stop spontaneously or when dogs are focused on a goal-oriented task, such as eating or playing, or are distracted by the owner. Although the aetiopathogenesis of HB is still unknown, the idiopathic nature is generally accepted, whereas in Bulldogs and Dobermans, a hereditary basis has been suggested. In the case herein, we report for the first time a relationship between a presumptive pituitary macroadenoma, its compression on the thalamus and HB, as it has already been observed in humans.