Septic epiphysitis and sequestrum formation in the glenoid of the scapula in a five-month-old foal diagnosed by computed tomography

08 Jul 2019

Clements, P. E., Jones, B., Coomer, R.

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A five-month-old Connemara foal presented for acute-onset, severe left forelimb lameness with fever, neutrophilia and an elevated serum amyloid A concentration. Radiographs were suspicious of septic physitis of the proximal humerus. CT identified a large defect involving the central portion of the subchondral bone plate of the glenoid and a sequestered bony fragment within the defect, which were not seen radiographically. CT findings were consistent with septic epiphysitis and sequestrum formation, which had significant implications on available treatment options. The foal was given a poor prognosis for returning to soundness so was subject to humane euthanasia.