Thoracic meningomyelocele associated with spina bifida in a Malinois dog

22 Aug 2019

Musso, C., Bismuth, C., Cauzinille, L.

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An 8-month-old male Malinois dog was presented for progressive chronic pelvic limbs ataxia, paraparesis, arched back since ambulation associated with mild urinary and faecal incontinence. Clinical evaluation revealed a dorsocaudal thoracic spine non-healing wound with a fistula from which a clear fluid leaked. Neurological examination was compatible with a T3-L3 spinal cord lesion. CT myelography showed a T11-T12 spina bifida associated with a meningomyelocele with a fistula tract to the skin (spina bifida aperta). An MRI revealed a syringohydromyelia cranially and caudally to the meningomyelocele. Surgical correction involved removal of the fistula up to the dura mater and closure. A 4 and 12 months clinical and MRI follow up revealed a good locomotion improvement with residual mild ataxia without incontinence. MRI showed no relapse of the meningomyelocele but persistent although reduced syringohydromyelia.