Transarticular hinged external skeletal fixation for revision surgery of stifle subluxation associated with multiple ligament injuries in a cat

31 Jul 2019

Elliott, R. C.

Vet Record Case Reports Image

Stifle subluxation with multiple ligamentous injuries are a rare but catastrophic injury seen most commonly in cats in the veterinary literature. There is often damage to both cruciate ligaments, the medial and lateral collateral ligaments and the menisci. The long-term prognosis for this injury is guarded due to the development of marked osteoarthritis after the injury. This paper describes the use of a commercially available range of motion hinge used as a secondary stabilisation for a failed primary anatomical stabilisation. None of the primary implants were removed or augmented at the time of revision surgery. A transarticular fixator was placed and increasing range of motion was allowed by adjusting the hinge at varying intervals over 8 weeks. This allowed fibrous tissue to stabilise the stifle while preventing articular cartilage degeneration. From this case report, transarticular hinge fixation can be considered a method of stabilisation in patients with stifle subluxation.