Renal nephroblastoma in a 10-month-old boxer

16 Feb 2020

Richardson, S.

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A 10-month-old male entire Boxer dog was presented for weight loss and abdominal distension with a large mass palpable within the abdomen. A unilateral nephrectomy was performed for a large renal nephroblastoma (30-cm diameter). The nephroblastoma was suspected stage I, with favourable histology (human Wilms tumour grading). No adjunctive chemotherapy was administered. The dog remains clinically well 27 months postnephrectomy. Renal nephroblastomas are rare canine neoplasms and reported survival time is variable. This case and other recent reports suggest that mean survival time may be longer than previously thought. Nephroblastomas should be considered as a differential in young dogs presenting with clinical signs of an abdominal space-occupying lesion. The absence of azotaemia on a biochemical profile does not preclude significant renal pathology.