Balloon dilation of a congenital rectal stricture in a 16-week-old kitten

29 Apr 2020

Kelly, D., Wagner, T., Lamb, V.

Vet Record Case Reports Image

A 16-week-old Persian kitten was referred for investigation of constipation and failure to grow. The owner reported that the kitten had always strained to defecate. Abdominal radiographs confirmed megacolon and CT pneumocolography confirmed the presence of a caudal rectal stricture. During a single procedure and under fluoroscopic guidance, the stricture was effaced by sequentially dilating 10-mm and 15-mm balloons. Shortly after discharge, the owner reported complete resolution of clinical signs and oral laxatives were stopped. Repeat radiographs 1 month post dilation showed resolution of the diffuse megacolon and the cat appeared well and had gained weight. This is the first report of a congenital rectal stricture in a kitten and one of the few reports documenting balloon dilation for the treatment of stenotic anorectal lesions (congenital or acquired) in cats.