Balloon dilation of a urethral stricture caused by a congenital obstructive proximal urethral membrane (COPUM) in a dog

28 Jun 2020

Kelly, D., Isaac, I., Cruzado-Perez, J., Juvet, F.

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Congenital urethral strictures are well recognised in human beings and have recently been described in two cats but have not been previously reported in dogs. A 10-month-old female English Bull Terrier presented with a life-long history of being unable to pass a normal stream of urine. Urethrocystoscopy confirmed the presence of a stricture lesion in the proximal urethra. This thin, membranous structure was effaced under endoscopic visualisation using a 10 mm diameter balloon-dilation catheter. Complete and sustained resolution of clinical signs occurred after a single dilation procedure. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first report of a congenital urethral stricture in a dog and the term congenital obstructive proximal urethral membrane may be useful for describing these lesions in the future.