Splenoptosis in a dairy cow and endoscopic correction of left displacement of abomasum

29 Jun 2020

Karvountzis, S.

Vet Record Case Reports Image

A third lactation Holstein dairy cow was presented with history of acute reduction in milk yield (‘milk drop’). On combined auscultation and percussion of the left costal area and paralumbar fossa, distinct sounds (‘ping’ or ‘slosh’) were identified ventrally. The case was investigated endoscopically, with two portals set-up either side of the 13th left rib. The abomasum was displaced and congested, and ecchymoses were found on its greater curvature. The spleen was not visible on the initial examination. The spleen became visible following abomasocentesis and deflation of the abomasum. Unlike the normal spleen that has a sharp caudal edge, this one’s edge appeared swollen. The swelling was consistent with splenomegaly, due to the compromised blood circulation following the splenoptosis.