Successful correction of a prefemoral hernia with free coelomic yolk in a Texas tortoise (Gopherus berlandieri)

26 Apr 2020

Reinoso, R., Arguedas, R.

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An approximately 10-year-old female Texas tortoise (Gopherus berlandieri) with a large right prefemoral fossa mass was presented after brumation. Based on CT and fine needle aspiration, the animal was diagnosed with a hernia. Following surgery to correct the defect, free yolk was detected in the coelomic cavity and several saline lavages were employed. A polypropylene mesh was used to ensure correction of the hernia. We suggest that the excessive follicular development caused tension to the muscular wall and that the coelomic yolk caused severe irritation, and the inflammatory reaction weakened and finally caused a disruption of the coelomic membrane, resulting in rupture of the muscular wall. The patient fed voluntarily 6 days after surgery and remained normal over 1 year postsurgery.