Chronic uterine abscess in a Bolivian grey titi monkey (Plecturocebus donacophilus)

30 Aug 2020

Kaye, S.

Vet Record Case Reports Image

An 11-year-old, reproductively active female Bolivian grey titi monkey (Plecturocebus donacophilus) in a zoological institution was presented for abdominal distension without concurrent clinical signs. Physical examination and imaging studies detected a uterine mass. Preoperative bloodwork revealed anaemia and hyperglobulinaemia. Hysterectomy was performed, but the patient died under anaesthesia. Histopathological examination found a chronic uterine abscess with effacement of the uterine wall and generalised inflammation consistent with sepsis. This case documents an uncommon reproductive tract lesion in a New World primate, and demonstrates the value of routine reproductive health monitoring in non-human primates, as not all pathologies will have clinical signs perceptible by caretakers. Earlier diagnosis may have resulted in an improved outcome in this case. Uterine abscess could be a differential diagnosis in cases of abdominal mass effect or distension in female titi monkeys.