Clinical, CT and ultrasonographic features of renal secondary hyperparathyroidism in a juvenile dog

19 Aug 2020

Barczak, E., O'Connell, E., Mortier, J. R.

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A nine-month-old female entire Rottweiler was presented for further investigation of progressive, symmetric facial swelling over the maxilla of four weeks duration. Biochemistry revealed severe azotaemia with hyperphosphataemia. CT revealed poor mineralisation of the facial and calvarial bones. The maxillary and palatine bones were replaced by proliferative, heterogeneous tissue of mixed soft tissue and granular mineral attenuating material. On ultrasound, parathyroid glands were enlarged and renal lesions suggestive of juvenile nephropathy were observed. Due to poor long-term prognosis, the owner elected euthanasia. Necropsy confirmed generalised osteopenia and chronic kidney disease. Renal secondary hyperparathyroidism was diagnosed and should be considered a differential for bilateral facial swelling in young dogs.