Pancreatolithiasis in a cat with chronic pancreatitis

23 Aug 2020

Chilla, A., Fischer, A., Neumann, S.

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Pancreatolithiasis has been described in humans and cattle. In cats, only three reports have documented the condition so far. In humans, pancreatolithiasis is associated with chronic pancreatitis, whereas in cattle, the condition is asymptomatic. In humans, decreased pancreatic stone protein (PSP) levels may promote the crystallisation and deposition of calcium carbonate.

This case report describes a cat with chronic pancreatitis and pancreatolithiasis. The mechanism of pancreatolith formation in cats remains unclear because we have paucity of information about this condition in cats. Compared with humans, pancreatolithiasis seems to be more common than in cats. Determining the consequences of chronic pancreatitis in cats requires an investigation of feline PSP and other factors. This might reduce the risk of pancreatoliths.