Presumed bilateral patella cubiti in a six-month-old German shepherd dog

16 Aug 2020

Levy, A., Irubetagoyena, I., Harran, N.

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A six-month-old entire male German shepherd dog was presented for lameness of left thoracic limb and bilateral elbow deformity without trauma reported. Elbow radiographs and CT showed a large bony fragment comprising both the anconeal process and the olecranon separated from the proximal ulna bilaterally. The proximal physis of the ulna was still present but smaller than usual. A part of the triceps tendon had its insertion on the fragment. Based on radiological findings, a bilateral patella cubiti was suspected. Patella cubiti is a rare elbow anomaly described in people and in dogs. Surgical treatment may be warranted if pain or stiffness is present. No recent report is available in veterinary literature.