Spinal cord clear cell meningioma in a dog

02 Jul 2020

Clarke, N. R. J., Harris, G. L., Greville-Heygate, O., Constantino-Casas, F., Freeman, P.

Vet Record Case Reports Image

A five-year-old, male entire Jack Russell terrier presented for a two-month history of ambulatory paraparesis lateralised to the left. Neurological examination localised to an L4–S3 myelopathy. MRI revealed an equivocal intramedullary lesion at the level of the L4–L5 disc space occupying 80 per cent of the spinal cord area. The mass was surgically resected. Histopathology confirmed the mass to be consistent with a meningioma in which a high proportion of neoplastic cells exhibited clear cytoplasm that stained positively with periodic acid-Schiff and was diastase-sensitive. This mass was assigned grade II/atypical (World Health Organization human system) based on the predominant clear cell morphology and a mitotic count of 10 mitotic figures in 10 high-power fields. To the authors’ knowledge, this is the first reported case of a clear cell meningioma in a dog.