BVAs Brexit Group

09 Nov 2019

Tyson, D.

Vet Record Image

I would like to thank and congratulate the BVA and its Brexit Group on their work over the past three years. The gathering of information and understanding and explaining the direct effects of Brexit, especially ‘no deal’, has been very good.

In explaining the consequences of the worst-case scenario, I think it is perfectly proper to ask for members’ opinion on ‘no deal’. It is clear that every working vet would be affected to a greater or lesser extent, and if, for example, you work with sheep, you would need to know the effect on the trade for lamb.

BVA seems to me to be arguing against ‘no deal’ rather than Brexit per se, and that’s not partisan or party political. It’s just matters of fact, and BVA should be representing its members’ interests.

Keep up the good work.