Innes steps down as CVS chief executive

09 Nov 2019

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Simon Innes is stepping down with immediate effect from his role as chief executive of veterinary corporate CVS Group plc.

Announcing the move on Wednesday, Innes, 59, said in a company statement that he had spent 16 ‘very happy’ years at the company but it was now time to ‘move on’.

Innes will now facilitate an ‘orderly handover’ to Richard Fairman, previously group finance director.

He added that he had enjoyed working with a profession for which he had ‘the highest regard and respect’.

Fairman has agreed to become CVS chief executive with immediate effect, while providing ongoing support to his successor, Robin Alfonso, who is expected to be appointed to the board shortly.

‘For me, the focus is going to be on ensuring we deliver the highest clinical standards and recruit and retain the best clinical staff,’ Fairman told Vet Record.

Also expected to join the board is...