Response to rising number of leishmaniosis cases

09 Nov 2019

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In response to the rising number of leishmaniosis cases, MSD Animal Health says it is putting additional resources into its LetiFend vaccine.

LetiFend helps reduce the risk of developing active infection and/or clinical disease after exposure to Leishmania infantum from 28 days post vaccination, as well as offering 365-day protection after a single annual dose, the company says.

Product manager, Caroline Darouj, said: ‘The VMD has reported an annual increase in the number of leishmaniosis treatments imported since records started in 2006...there were 27 times as many cases treated in 2018 (439) compared with 2006 (16).’

LetiFend is a single-dose primary course given four weeks before travel. It can be administered from six months of age via subcutaneous administration. Further information is available from the company’s account managers.