Vets boost farmer engagement

09 Nov 2019

Vet Record Image

By Adele Waters

Farmers need vets to keep them optimistic and engaged in managing bovine TB (bTB).

That was the message that Sarah Tomlinson, a farm vet in Derbyshire who works for the TB Advisory Service (TBAS), told attendees at last month’s British Cattle Veterinary Association (BCVA) congress.

She said years of battling bTB under government direction had left farmers – and vets – disengaged. But she said proactively educating farmers through the TBAS was helping to turn the tide.

‘When you’ve lived with a disease on and off for years and years, there is a certain mental state that farmers get into and they can’t see how to get out of it,’ she said. ‘A lot of the TB advisers are dealing with exactly that – the mental attitude that comes with another breakdown. They are angry, frustrated, they’re upset. I’ve had farmers in tears – it’s really...