Disease surveillance in England and Wales, December 2019

04 Jan 2020

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APHA disease Surveillance report headlines

  • Uncommon presentation of Salmonella Dublin infection in calves

  • Monepantel resistance in a sheep flock

  • Fowl cholera in geese

  • Focus on small-scale pig producers and disease surveillance

  • Highlights from the scanning surveillance networkCattleSalmonella Dublin osteomyelitis

    An uncommon manifestation of an infectious disease was investigated at the APHA Shrewsbury veterinary investigation centre (VIC). Two euthanased male suckler calves were submitted a few weeks apart from unrelated Powys herds for postmortem examination. They were three and four months old and from herds of 60 and 70 animals, respectively.

    Over a period of several weeks, each calf first became slightly lame on one foreleg, followed by increasing weakness of both forelegs. They spent more time lying down and had difficulty rising on their forelegs. The hindlegs were unaffected, with normal strength and tone. They remained bright and continued to suckle their dams...