Looking beyond Brexit in 2020

04 Jan 2020

Clark, K.

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A new year, a new decade and, soon, a new era and new challenges for the UK. As Brexit approaches, 2020 is set to be dominated by negotiations over the UK’s future relationship with the EU.

However, there will be plenty going on besides Brexit.

To start with, a small but significant win for animal welfare will be achieved, when a ban on using wild animals in travelling circuses in England comes into force on 20 January. A more substantial welfare benefit can be expected in April, when third-party sales of puppies and kittens will be banned in England. A similar ban in Wales may follow after ‘overwhelming’ public support was expressed in a consultation on the issue.

Sustainability and the environment are likely to receive increased attention in 2020. Consistent with wider society’s interest, the profession is keen to contribute – according to a BVA survey, 89 per...