Vets are among UKs most trusted professionals

04 Jan 2020

Vet Record Image

By Josh Loeb

A recent survey found the British public more likely to trust vets than members of seven other professions – including GPs and dentists.

Pollsters Walnut asked a nationally representative sample of 2000 UK adults about their views of vets and a range of other professionals.

A very high proportion said they either ‘completely trusted’ (34 per cent) or ‘generally trusted’ (60 per cent) vets, putting the profession at number three in a league table that was subsequently compiled of the ‘most trusted’ professions in the UK.

Only opticians and pharmacists were found to score more highly than vets on the metrics used. The ranking matches that which was determined in 2015 via a joint survey by the RCVS and the BVA as part of the Vet Futures initiative.

The survey, which was commissioned by marketing consultants Mo Gannon & Associates (MG&A) on behalf of the RCVS,...