Does using surname only generate the right tone?

21 Mar 2020

Allcock, J.

Vet Record Image

The recent letter from a significant number of people in leadership positions (VR, 22 February 2020, vol 186, p 220) raises concern regarding the tone and language used to describe them in print and online.

The letter had some resonance after reading a news report in Vet Record (25 January 2020, vol 186, p 81), in which I was disappointed to find that Vet Record had chosen a slightly dismissive tone in referencing a senior veterinary leader.

The report regarded criticism of the Welsh government for its TB approach and stated: ‘Vet Record asked the Welsh government whether either its spokesperson or Glossop herself wished to comment on the claim that she had changed her mind because of political changes in Wales. Glossop did not address this question directly but provided a comment repeating the Welsh government’s statement that it is "important not to focus on one measure for...