Changes to calf bTB testing during Covid-19

16 May 2020

Vet Record Image

By Georgina Mills

Calves under 180 days old can be excluded from bovine TB (bTB) testing in England and Wales if, in the vet’s judgement, they cannot be tested safely in line with Covid-19 social distancing.

This temporary amendment to bTB testing requirements, which was announced by the APHA on 4 May, will be applied retrospectively to incomplete tests where the final part of the test would have commenced on or after 23 March, and to any qualifying tests from now until further notice.

No movement restrictions will be placed on herds that do not test calves as long as the other eligible (older) animals in the herd are negative for the bTB test. Any calves that cannot be tested safely at this time will be left untested until the next bTB test of the herd.

The APHA says the decision will be kept under regular review while the...