Digitising cytology diagnosis and teaching

16 May 2020

Vet Record Image

Veterinary pathologist Francesco Cian has teamed up with online CPD provider VetCPD and US company Lacuna Diagnostics to offer vets the opportunity to improve their cytology skills using the latest digital technology.

Cian explains that, in the past few years, diagnostic laboratories have increasingly been using ‘whole slide imaging’ to digitise cytology and histology smears. This uses computer technology to scan and convert traditional histopathology and cytology glass slides into digital images (digital slides) that can be viewed remotely by pathologists on a workstation using viewing software.

The advantages are ‘immense’ he says. These include the ease of sending slides digitally to pathologists who are working at home and the ability to share and discuss slides from interesting cases, or those that require a second opinion.

Digital scanners are becoming available for vets to use themselves, and Lacuna Diagnostics offers a diagnostic service in which vets prepare and scan...