Is this the wake up call weve needed?

16 May 2020

Appelboam, H.

Vet Record Image

Have you ever tried eating insects? I can barely watch the bushtucker trials on ITV’s ‘I’m a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!’ without gagging like a cat with a furball. I was once offered a mealworm while travelling in South Africa, but with its fat, wrinkly, squidgy body, I just couldn’t face it. I can imagine that eating a cricket might be alright, with a nice crunch to it, but to be honest I would rather have some pork scratchings. So, it is food for thought then (no pun intended) that insects are already being farmed for animal and human consumption, and are being promoted as a viable alternative protein source to help mitigate food insecurity.

I am no eco warrior but I do try to do my bit for the environment; I take shopping bags to the supermarket rather than buying new ones, occasionally ride my bike to...